Downloads + Mix Player

I’ve added two new pages – ‘Downloads‘ and ‘Mix Player‘ – to the main site. I’m in the process of constructing the downloads page, as there is quite a lot of content to be added.

The mix player will be held off for development, as it takes a lot of resources to transcode the raw WAV files to a streamable format. In addition, I’m exploring various ways to enhance the audio and reduce file size, for the mix player. This is something that has been introduced not too long ago, but failed to implement.

Also, for the About page—which was added the same day the site went live—is still under way for content. This will likely be the last item on the list to update, as the ability to download my content and preview it is top priority.

Updated Website (BETA)

Welcome to the new website! I’ve spent a majority of time getting it live. Unfortunately, it’s still in the beta stages of development. Over the coming weeks it will be updated with new content, new downloads, and of course, all of the album’s people have been waiting for for a long time!

Continue checking back for updates!

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